Re: 8-panel 42-foot gon

Mike Kmetz

One explanation I have heard that sounds plausible is that the gondola body was compressed so the same plastic underframe could be used that was common to 40' box, stock and reefer cars. That prevented tooling a unique underframe soley for a correctly dimensioned gondola.
At least in N scale that appears to have been the case.
--Mike K

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In N scale, we have had an 8-panel 42-foot gon available since the earliest days. It has been made by several manufacturers, and has
been available in both wood-floor and steel-floor versions over the years. An image of one can be seen at the url below.

I believe HO also has this same model available.

Does this car have a prototype? I've never found one... Can anything meaningful be done with this model, or is it just plain

Input is appreciated.

- Claus Schlund

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