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Bruce Smith


Appropriate trucks ARE available in both brass and plastic for most PRR cabin cars in a number of scales, so if any of the "cabooses" you are working on are Pennsy, that should be pretty easy to deal with. Yes, plastic trucks are not usually designed for power pickup, but replacing the wheelsets on plastic trucks with metal wheels and using wipers connected to the truck screw is a relatively simple way of taking power from the track, just like most plastic tender trucks.


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On Mar 10, 2010, at 11:19 AM, Jim Betz wrote:


I'm well started along a project of adding marker lights to
a large number of cabeese. For the brass ones it is pretty
simple to "isolate the trucks electrically from the frame/body
and pick up one side with each caboose". A non-conductive
washer and a nylon/fibre truck screw makes this a fairly easy
The preliminary research I've done for the plastic ones tells
me that I have a 'larger' job for those. I looks like I'm going
to be doing enough work to them that replacing the trucks is
This project is large - I'm going to end up doing 50, a 100,
or even more ... before I'm done.

So what I'd like to do is to work from photos and use trucks
that are as proto-typical as possible.
My dilemma is that there doesn't seem to be any one producing
caboose trucks that are easily adapted to using them for power
pickup. And - for that matter - there seems to be a lack of
supply of any kind of "variety" of the various types of caboose
trucks. Most of the brass cabeese are equipped with the
proper trucks (at least for that class of caboose for that RR) -
but most of them have not increased the run of the trucks and
sell them as after market items.

Your experience and guidance is requested ... thanks
- Jim

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