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Works equally well AC or DC. No flicker as the capacitor stores enough power to keep the markers lit for several minutes, even if off the track. Therefore dirty track, dead frogs, or less that perfect truck wipers are not a problem.

I've not tried to put a switch on mine. The resistor in line with the LED can be adjusted to get the brightness you desire based on your ambient light.

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Does this circuit work with either/both DC or DCC?
How difficult to add a magnetic switch to turn the markers

Tim O'Connor

>I prefer to use plastic trucks with stainless steel wipers purchased from Richmond Controls. They roll better and are easier to electrically isolate. I currently have them on Walthers and Intermountain caboose trucks.
>And thanks to Jim's circuit I have flicker free markers lamps.
>J. Stephen (Steve) Sandifer
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> Hi,
> I'm well started along a project of adding marker lights to
> a large number of cabeese. For the brass ones it is pretty
> simple to "isolate the trucks electrically from the frame/body
> and pick up one side with each caboose". A non-conductive
> washer and a nylon/fibre truck screw makes this a fairly easy
> job.
> The preliminary research I've done for the plastic ones tells
> me that I have a 'larger' job for those. I looks like I'm going
> to be doing enough work to them that replacing the trucks is
> probable.
> This project is large - I'm going to end up doing 50, a 100,
> or even more ... before I'm done.
> So what I'd like to do is to work from photos and use trucks
> that are as proto-typical as possible.
> My dilemma is that there doesn't seem to be any one producing
> caboose trucks that are easily adapted to using them for power
> pickup. And - for that matter - there seems to be a lack of
> supply of any kind of "variety" of the various types of caboose
> trucks. Most of the brass cabeese are equipped with the
> proper trucks (at least for that class of caboose for that RR) -
> but most of them have not increased the run of the trucks and
> sell them as after market items.
> Your experience and guidance is requested ... thanks
> - Jim

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