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Schuyler Larrabee

What's wrong with the LED's being on in storage? If on a siding I can see
that, so the dead track section is a good idea, but I have put lit markers
on several brass cabooses using very small 1.5v lamps and a circuit designed
by the guy who does electronic articles for RMC from time to time. He's
from the California Bay Area, San Jose, I believe. At any rate, it uses a
rechargeable battery which charges from track voltage. If the caboose has
been in use for hours, for instance at a Club show, the lamps will stay lit
for two, three hours. I always felt it was pretty neat to put the caboose
back in its box with the lamps still "burning" and be able to take it back
out when I got home with the lamps still going. There is no harm that I can


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....and with the Flicker-Free circuit works with DCC (which might be what
Steve meant). I'm using a couple of them too and plan to add them to the
rest of my caboose fleet. Rather than adding a switch, one could put a kill
switch on the caboose storage track so that the markers didn't stay on while
in storage...

Jack Burgess

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