Re: Milw stock car

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

Yeah thanks Lester. For asking that question. Now I have to try to get a hold of Andy Carlson to buy three pair of trucks for my Milw stock cars!

Seems I made a serious mistake when I told the Monday Night Ops crew that hogs and sheep were hauled in double deck stock cars...'usually'.

I have three Westerfield Milw stock cars with single decks. Every ops the guys working the Decker job are pointing out that "these single deck cars say they have hogs in them. That can't be right!" Last session they accidently spotted one with hogs at the cattle pens.

So to save on confusion for them and to get them off you behind I ordered the double deck doors and a set of decals to renumber them. Might as well change the trucks while I'm at it....
Clark Propst

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