Re: Pullman War Emergency box car "red"?

Ed Hawkins

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A friend asked if I had any idea what shade of "boxcar red" the CofG's
and the West Point's War Emergency boxcars were painted. Hard to tell
from b&w pics, you know....
I'm wondering if, given that they were all built at Bessemer at about
the same time, if they were all the same shade?
Scott Chatfield
"Pullman War Emergency box car red??" Pullman-Standard painted freight
cars with the same paints that were available to the industry as any
other builder. These included Sherwin-Williams, Glidden, DuPont,
Pittsburgh, C.R. Long, and others.

In Pat Wider's extensive article in RP CYC Vol. 19 on emergency box
cars, the paint specs are provided for all of the emergency box cars
built at Bessemer. The data came from original Pullman bills of
materials. We know are the names of the paints, but no paint samples
were taken.

For CoG emergency box cars built by AC&F (41000-41099), there's a paint
sample in the ACF bill of materials at the St. Louis Mercantile
Library. The sides were painted with PPG Carhide Synthetic paint, a
medium red-brown shade with a very flat appearance. Two other series of
CofG box cars built by ACF later in 1944 (40' and 50' all-steel cars
with 10' door openings) also used Pittsburgh Carhide paint, but they
were medium red-brown or oxide red with a gloss. When looking at all
three paint samples side by side, they were all different even though
they were all painted with Pittsburgh paint over the course of 9 months
in 1944.
Ed Hawkins

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