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Paul Hillman

Thanks for all of the replies about rivets & "Archer Rivets".

After my re-perusing the Archer site & their products, I believe I have been convinced of their virtues. My initial surprise was at the cost of the decal sheets, but if their viability is excellent, as stated by the several experienced members of this group, then their cost is acceptable. Their application & usage, as shown in the Tom Madden photos, and others, is superb. I think they will indeed work for my intended, needed applications.

However, I'd better, very carefully, measure and determine what spacing and size that I need. I need, really, only a few for my current project. The left-overs, I would hope could be used further down the (rail) road.

I am also going to experiment though with the, thick-ACC-Gel / upside-down anti-gravity method, for producing a one-or-two-rivet method.

Paul Hillman

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If I need to just put down one, two or three small Archer rivets in a spot, I find it difficult to handle, dip and slide the very small decal section with the normal method, so I came up with another one for that:

I put a small puddle of decal set in the location where the spot of rivets are going. (Make sure the other nearby rivets have set.) Then I place the small decal section next to that spot and put some decal set on top of that. I wait a few seconds and finally, I slide the one, two, three rivet film section into position onto the puddle with a small paint brush or pointed tooth pick and let it set. It works for me. This can also come in handy if you accidentally knock just a few rivets off and need to replace them. Note I do not soak that small section in water but only use the decal setting solution.

Incidentally, I use the usual method for applying Archer decals when doing larger strips but do put on the decal set in the home spot first and place the decal strip on top. I may apply more decal set on top of the decal if necessary. Note that some manufacturers provide two strengths of decal set, one for the normal application and one a bit stronger for stubborn applications. I have always used the normal strength version with the Archer rivets. (I use the Micro Scale product.)

The Archer rivets are a great product but my main beef is that little sheet is expensive and he gives you different spacing on the same sheet. So if you need a lot of one spacing, you have to buy more of those expensive sheets. I had to by three of these for one passenger car! My other beef is that if I need to cut and use just one narrow strip of small rivets, that narrow strip is very fragile. If I could get the spacing btw rows for my car, that would let me cut a wider strip with more than one row in it, and that would obviously be less fragile. But they look great and work well for the most part. Looking at them under magnification they are shaped just like the real thing! Perhaps over time he'll provide more of what we need. I understand he is open to using artwork from those that want to contribute their time.

Another alternative is drilling holes in your car sides and adding molded rivets from Tichy. However that seems a bit tedious compared to the decals or using some kind of embossing method.

Victor Baird
Fort Wayne, Indiana

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