Re: Milw stock car

Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

Clark do you have evidence of double deck cars going to Deckers? I ask because I am not sure that many of the local stock pens in
the area that served Deckers had facilities for loading the second deck, ie no double chutes. I double deck car may be provided,
but may only have hogs loaded on the lower level if there is no means of loading the upper deck.

As to unloading, Deckers unloaded hogs on a concrete floor that was level with the car floor. It is possible they used portable
ramps to unloaded the upper deck, but the only unloading chute at the hog building at Deckers was for unloading trucks.

But it doesn't matter anyway, because by the time I write this (responding to the digest version) you probably already have the
cars built and are waiting for the delivery of your freight trucks while the paint dries.

Doug Harding

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