Re: Making Rivets

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Paul Hillman wrote:

Thanks for all of the replies about rivets & "Archer Rivets".

After my re-perusing the Archer site & their products, I believe I have been convinced of their virtues. My initial surprise was at the cost of the decal sheets, but if their viability is excellent, as stated by the several experienced members of this group, then their cost is acceptable.
They are expensive to make. I've been told they are made using the same technology/equipment the electronics industry uses to apply microdroplets of conductive adhesive for bonding integrated circuits. The rivets are jetted onto the film, not screened on en masse. I don't know whether it's a done by rows, like an ink jet printer, or individually, by traversing the head or substrate. I'm sure it's a fast process, but it's not a mass process.

Tom Madden

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