Re: Milw stock car

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

LOL Doug, Yes the cars have been built for some time. Doesn't everyone build their resin kits as they buy them? Other wise you'd end up with a big pile of kits and not enough lifetime to build them....Doesn't the 'bang for your buck' come from building and working them in an ops?
"Buy what you can use and build what you buy"

I have damage claim reports for the Milw in 54-56 with stock cars loaded here in town. But, they were being shipped to Dubuque, I could check the numbers with the ORER.

My motivation for replacing the doors is to help the ops crew distinquish between a load of hogs and a load of cattle by looking at the car instead of their switch list. An aside would be to have them quit bitching : )
Clark Propst

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