Re: DL&W 53133 40' 1937 boxcar

Tim O'Connor


I'm a bit confused -- postwar 10 foot cars can be modeled without
a lot of trouble. There are Sunshine kits (NYC/C&O/CRR/DL&W/NH/KCS/
NdeM/D&H/M&StL/D&M/SP/SSW/B&O), and with Intermountain kits or parts
you can model GN/SP&S/SP cars very easily. It's still possible to
model them the old fashioned way, cutting 6" off a 10'6" box car,
as I did years ago with a C&BT shops kit. There's no 10'0" PS-1 --
I'd like those!

Tim O'Connor

Interestingly enough even though it doesn't seem to make the radar screen
of most manufacturers it is not from a lack of trying. Richard has placed
this car in front of most manufacturers over the past few years and no one
has made an attempt to capture this market.

As Richard and I have discussed, you would need two underframe tools, one
for the AAR and the other for the Duryea. The you have the basis for all
the cars, tool the doors separate so you cover all offerings, the two roofs
and the two style ends and you could have a seemingly endless set of
offerings. But as appetizing as this seems there have been no takers. Sadly it is
a huge void in the market. A missed opportunity as well as missed profits.
So we all still wait.

In the meantime we get more F-units, FTs, GPs and the like. I don't think
that we shouldn't have more diesel, no Sir, but this series of cars opens a
lot of doors for a manufacturer to create a core product that will support
the bottom line for a long time. I see that as a big plus for amortizing
the tooling, something that need to be consider even more now.

Greg Martin

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