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That link leads us to the famous Homer Hill photo of these cars. That short box ahead of the 52469 is one of the USRA-like steel cars with an odd dreadnaught end, the 47000-series. These cars 8'7" IH cars were unusual in that the ends of the otherwise standard dreadnaught bulges have little tapers to them. A little sanding to Westerfield's USRA box with dreadnaught ends would make an okay stand-in.

The 52469 is in the series preceeding the 53133 model. Yes, the ELHS model is an unusual combination of sides, ends and roof in the industry; was GN the only other road to use this combation of components? DL&W equipped some in this combination for passenger service as express cars, and two of them were outfitted as milk cars. The 52000-series car was offered by Sunshine in two versions, kit 32.11, which Lofton calls "10' IH AAR 1944" boxcars.

As for the 10-foot height -- I've never found any such mention in company writings as yet, but much of DL&W's ladings were of materials that reach weight capacity without requiring the height, such as bagged cement and flour. Yes, many of the later 10'6" cars were assigned to Buffalo-area flour service.

I hope the ELHS will offer the standard 1937 car one day, since the ELHS artwork is terrific and correct in all of the nuances of the era.

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My eye catches the DL&W car on the far left. It seems to have a 7/7 Murphy end with a gap/spacer in the middle.

I admit to a lack of DL&W freight car knowledge. Would this be a steel-side rebuild of a USRA DS clone? Wish we could see a number of that car.


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These cars caught my attention when the ELHS came out with their car, and I
found this photo

This car is in the series immediately preceding the one the ELHS chose; it
has a slightly different end. Very straight forward to model with an IM '37
10' box and Branchline ends which need only a little sanding to shorten. The
plate protecting the brake valve is a nice touch.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

After cutting out all that irrelevant stuff 8^) . . . VERRRRYY interesting
link, Steve, VERRRY interesting link . . .


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