Re: Roundhouse 50', one end door automobile car

Bill Welch

I used this kit, all undecorated, to model four cars:

WP, adding styrene to the door for the WP herald
SL-SF, using a "Rocket Express" 3/3/3 Dreadnaught end on the "B" end
T&P with scratch built 8-foot Superior doors

All of the stand off details were removed except the ladders on the Auto ends, nor did I try to remove the Lumber Door on the T&P and sculpt the end.

I think it is a great "canvas" to create interesting and accurate models.

Bill Welch

--- In, Jeffrey White <jrwhite@...> wrote:

Does this car have a prototype? I recently acquired 5 of them (the model
with the big steel plate on the door).and was wondering if they are
close to any real car.

Jeff White
Alma, IL

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