Vulcan Trucks

Paul Hillman

Trying to locate some accurate, HO scale, Vulcan trucks, as used on the Haskell & Barker, C&WI wood gondola, at the Illinois RR Museum.

These were identified by Richard Hendrickson as Vulcan Trucks with Simplex truck-bolsters, all made by American Steel Foundries. The name "Simplex" is cast on the end of the truck-bolster. (Thank you Richard.)

I have seen Bethlehem Car Works Vulcan trucks, Walthers #718-1220, and Kadee Vulcan trucks, Walthers #380-515 (for references).

The Bethlehem Car Works Vulcan trucks seem to have a name cast on the end of the bolster but can't read it in "zooming", but the side-frames are "flatter" on top than the Kadee trucks, which have a different type truck-bolster.

I can't find better picture references, yet, for Vulcan trucks. Did Vulcan (ASF) make more than one side-frame design, IE) as Bethlehem versus Kadee styles?

Also, who else makes Vulcan trucks?

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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