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Richard Hendrickson

On Mar 16, 2010, at 1:37 PM, behillman wrote:

Trying to locate some accurate, HO scale, Vulcan trucks, as used on
the Haskell & Barker, C&WI wood gondola, at the Illinois RR Museum.

I have seen Bethlehem Car Works Vulcan trucks, Walthers #718-1220,
and Kadee Vulcan trucks, Walthers #380-515 (for references).

The Bethlehem Car Works Vulcan trucks seem to have a name cast on
the end of the bolster but can't read it in "zooming", but the side-
frames are "flatter" on top than the Kadee trucks, which have a
different type truck-bolster.
Since the Kadee trucks can be dismantled, the bolster ends can be
modified with a file.

I can't find better picture references, yet, for Vulcan trucks. Did
Vulcan (ASF) make more than one side-frame design, IE) as Bethlehem
versus Kadee styles?
As in the case of Andrews trucks, which came in as many or more
variants, the name Vulcan identified a construction principle - cast
steel side frames with pedestals into which separate journal boxes
were bolted. ASF made Vulcan trucks over a long period of time, and
side frame configurations varied a lot. Early Vulcan side frames
were L-section, then progressed to a combination of L-section and U-
section, and finally to entirely U-section, as represented by the
Kadee models.

Also, who else makes Vulcan trucks?
Ulrich at one time (many years ago) made some fairly decent cast
metal Vulcan trucks in HO scale, and if you can find a pair on the
second-hand market, their side frames may be closer to what you want.

Richard Hendrickson

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