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One of the problems with some (all?) Ulrich trucks is that they require the very maximum axle widths- up to 1.055"- to avoid running along lurching side to side like the most drunken of sailors. I have not measured the overall width of the trucks to determine whether this is because the bearing holes are just very deep, or the truck itself is overly-wide, but I strongly suspect the latter.

Richard's report and review of the new-production Kadee trucks is encouraging, and quite welcome. I have had one of Kadee's similar pre- production new-technology frames of one of their later-era trucks for about 18 months or so, and it is indeed a pretty fine piece of very clever work and a fine model to boot. I echo Richard's wish for 0.088" wheels, and (for me), I would further encourage that they be on steel axles to maximize rollability. That they continue to have some heft in their weight is very good inasmuch as this weight contributes directly to lowering the total car weight center of gravity, which can in turn pragmatically make up the difference resulting from the absence of a greater amount of weight higher above the rails.

I too am disappointed that the bolster height was not changed to the industry standard.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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