Re: 50' MDC single sheathed box cars (was Roundhouse 50' End door Boxcar)

Bill Welch

To be precise however, the T&P cars with the 8-foot Superior doors were wood sheathed. Richard's article in RMJ was the inspiration for all of these projects. I think there were actually two articles. There was one in MM written I believe by the late Paige Porter who worked for Roundhouse. I wish Paige and Brian could have collaborated on more projects.

Although I cannot find my notebook with T&P photos, I remember how surprised I was when after buying a photo of one of the T&P cars in service from Bob's that when I returned home I found that I had the identical photo from Wil Whittaker. Since the one from Bob's was an 8x10, while the one from Wil was smaller, it did not register when I saw it. Also it demonstrates that Wil and Col. McCoid may have known each other or at least traded a negative.

I should add that i really miss RMJ and MM.

Bill Welch

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Yeah, I could, but that's why I wrote the article and published all
those photos in the first place . . .
I can't find in the article any mention of the single-door
That's because the models were entirely bogus. When the T&P rebuilt
those cars with wider single doors, they also steel sheathed them.

Richard Hendrickson

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