Re: Vulcan Trucks

Dennis Storzek

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I've just uploaded to an Album in the PHOTO section entitled Vulcan trucks:

(1) The original patent diagram for the Vulcan truck

(2) A photo of an early T-Section Vulcan truck taken at the East Broad Top railroad

(3) A photo of a channel or U-Section Vulcan truck taken at the Danbury Railroad Museum.

These should be available for viewing as soon as they're approved.

Bob Karig
Bob was nice enough to move the Vulcan materials I posted into his Vulcan photo album:

So I've deleted the folder from the Files section to free up some space. Looking at the photos Bob added, what really stands out is the fact that the name we know trucks by often covered only one little feature (in this case the journal box attachment) and details such as the shape of the sideframe, style of the journal covers, and form of the bolster could, and did, vary all over the map. All one can hope for is a a reasonable match, unless we are lucky enough that some manufacturer used THAT PARTICULAR TRUCK as his prototype.


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