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Doug Rhodes

Perhaps "Baobab" was not entirely a nonsense name for "an excessive dimension car ". By some
measures the Baobab is one of the largest trees on earth, at least in terms of girth. The largest is
recorded with a diameter exceeding 50 feet!

Perhaps a telegrapher with a sense of humour originated this use of the term?

I have found the thread on railroad logistics for large ship construction very interesting and

Doug Rhodes

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Commercial telegraph terms such as "Baobab" did not stand for anything. It was a system of
distinct words that could be translated into precise meanings that allowed more complex
communication without having to send full text with increased possiblity of transcription errors.
Each company came up with their own meanings for such words and probably adopted available lists for
their own use or simply used a dictionary to come up with their own key words.
Sort of like Ikea and their nonsense names for products.....just a code system.
Charlie Vlk

Does anyone know what "Baobab" actually stood for? What is it a contraction of? Any attempt at
Google just tells you about the tropical tree.


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