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The Milwaukee version of this distinctive and quite esoteric steel car with plated ends, plated roof, and plug doors was notoriously produced as an HO model by Gordon Varney in 1937 as his very handsome Reefer #5 ("R-5"). Unlike the others in his reefer series (which virtually all lasted in production until 1948), R-5 lasted only a year or so, and current existing examples of this car are almost non-existent (the sides were printed on coated wood pulp paste-board- rather than the high-rag-content Bristol Board common to later productions). Recently Will's column in RMC mis-identified the Varney R-15 wood URTX Milwaukee reefer (also very handsome) as the steel R-5, as have a number of other publications (Ed: IMHO Wills' column too often suffers from no fact-checking).


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