Naval Gun load in the South

Bill Welch

My father was a career employee of the Army Corps of Engineers (Clemson trained). When I was about 5 years old, we moved from Albuquerque to Tullahoma, TN where the CofE would build for the still new U.S. Air Force the Arnold Engineering Development Center which included two very large Wind Tunnels. Lots of cheap TVA electricity to wind those puppies up.

One day my father came home from work and told me that they were installing, underground, a naval rifle. I built military models so he knew I would be interested in this. This would have been sometime from the mid-50's to early sixties

Much later in life I became interested in model railroading and have wondered from time-to-time about this event and have assumed this rifle moved by railroad. Tullahoma was on the NC&StL (L&N) mainline. I have also assumed it was a 16" gun but it could have been a 14" or even an 8" from a cruiser.

Ben, Marty, Bruce, and others familiar with things military, is there away to trace this story? It must have involved some sort of inter-service Navy-Air Force exchange of ordinance which would be accompanied by paperwork.

Bill Welch

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