Re: USRA strikers

Earl Tuson

From: Richard Hendrickson <>

Seriously, I just looked at a number of builder's photos of several
different USRA car types and the face of the striker casting was flat in
all of them.
Thanks, Richard. One as-planned detail that was eliminated, but with traces
still left behind, that I found interesting was the SS cars' end sill. While
the 9" channels and cover plate were discarded with, photos of many cars still
show the related 4 x 4 rivet pattern on either side of the striker casting,
with, of course, no rivets in the holes! At least some DS cars (MP and GN for
example) appear to use these residual holes for an interesting side mount
trainline bracket. This same striker appears to have been used on other
non-USRA design cars built later as well, like CB&Q X25's.

Earl Tuson

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