Re: Caboose Trucks

Richard Stern <rstern1@...>

I looked at my old Athearn ATSF-style cabeese and found a truck that seems
to fit this description. Is this close? (I think the bearings are modeled
on a roller bearing, but perhaps this could be easily replaced with the
covers off a solid bearing truck).


So I went searching for pics of the actual cabeese in service.
Many of the trucks appear to be some kind of "adaptation" of a
standard Bettendorf (or Barber) truck. Think "a standard
Bettendorf/Barber truck ... but with the coil springs replaced
with leaf springs ... and with solid bearings (not roller).
All of the "caboose trucks" in HO scale I've found so far
are variations on the Barber/Bettendorf swing motion truck
that has that very distinctive "rectangular with rounded
corners" insert/piece that surrounds the leaf springs. I.e.
what the Tahoe Model Works version looks like.

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