Need help identifying a 1940's/1950's era UTLX tank car series


G'Evening All,

While going through some older RMC's this evening, I came across an article written by Jim Slaughter in the November 1991 issue regarding three kitbashes using MDC tank cars. One of the kit-bashes described was a UTLX 8000 gallon acid tank car kit-bashed from two old-time tank car bodies. What's missing from the article is information about the prototype. Though a picture (page 71) of the car was provided for the article, the number on the car is hidden by the shadow from the railing running the length of the tank. No other prototype information is provided in the article.

Can anyone indentify this UTLX series? It appears to me that the photo in the article is that of UTLX 36007, and nothing else to go on.

Darrall Swift
Modeling the BN/MILW in North Central Montana (Great Falls to Shelby), Circa: Fall of 1979

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