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The display table your describing, did it also include a lot of heavyweight passenger cars & next to the super looking UP E8's? Is so, that's not Charlies stuf, it was mine. You can contact me off list at tyesac@aol

Tom Casey

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I was not at Naperville, but it sounds like Charlie Slater of Bakersfield.
If so he is on this list and might reply.

Paul C. Koehler


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AT the Naperville Meet last October there was a gentleman who had a
great selection of models on display. He was located at the end of
the table to the left of the door as you entered.
Most of the models were Santa Fe (refers, boxcars and gons). I
photographed many of the models and finally met the gentleman on the
last day as he was packing up. I'm afraid that I
failed to get his name. If anyone knows who this is I would like to
get more information on some of his models as I found them to be very


Bill Pardie

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