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kenneth broomfield

I work as a Carman for the Kansas City Southern Railroad. We get brand new wheels in to the shop all the time and they will start out as a grey metal, than change to a bright orange rust, next to a dull orange more of a rust color, finally they will change to a dark metal almost black, rust. This change process takes about 3-5 years for the entire process.

Kenny Broomfield

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I have some photos of PRR's Columbus back shop with the same stuff. It
appears that when they disassembled the trucks, they took bundles of each
component to the sandblaster and blasted a bunch and set them in a pile, then
the next or few days later, they did another pile of different components.
Each pile rusted differently, with the last/most recent ones being the most
orange, and the least recent being brownest. Very interesting.

Elden Gatwood

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Is there any way to see larger images? They are so small I can barely make
out what I'm looking at.

Tim O

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An interesting shot of the East Rochester car shops with some
interesting weathering of the truck components

Roger Hinman

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