Re: J&L 3 dome tank car (the end?)


Yahoo Groups has had serious issues with their Search function for nearly two years. It's erratic - sometimes you'll get results from just half an archive, sometimes certain terms won't "hit", sometimes everything's fine. One member can successfully search a term, and the next member gets no results 5 minutes later.

All the more reason to be kind to repeat questioners, newby or otherwise.

Yahoo is well aware but has missed several promised deadlines. They recently posted a statement that help is on the way: I guess I'll believe it when I see it.

--- Bill Sornsin, Seattle

--- In STMFC@..., "Schuyler Larrabee" wrote:

STMFC colleagues,

Garth's experience mirrors mine. There have been three or four times that I
have tried to research some non-arcane information that I KNOW has been
discussed on the list and been unable to rouse anything more than a few
messages which are of questionable relevance. And I have tried numerous
variations on the search terms, single words, getting me hundreds of hits
and are therefore useless, or onesies, twosies, and those too are not worth
the effort.

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