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kenneth broomfield

Yea OK. I will agree with the yellow. It is a very bright yellow/orange that I have seen.

Kenny Broomfield 

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Kenny Broomfield wrote:
I work as a Carman for the Kansas City Southern Railroad. We get
brand new wheels in to the shop all the time and they will start out
as a grey metal, than change to a bright orange rust, next to a dull
orange more of a rust color, finally they will change to a dark
metal almost black, rust. This change process takes about 3-5 years
for the entire process.
Good description and about the right time frame. I'd only add
that the earliest stages of the rusting can give a very yellowish
coating, before the deep orange. You can see this in the Flickr photo
in Roger Hinman's link. I have used this color to lightly dust gondola
loads of "steel gray" sheet or structural shapes, and particularly to
rub on edges and corners, where the protective gray oxide tends to
break and permit rusting to start there first.

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