Re: RTR models

Bill Welch

Dear Clark:

I don't know if this helpful to you but with items that are secured with plastic solvents, the same solvent can be applied to the joint and it will soften it enough to back the part out, a ladder for example. Because Testors is slow working, it works well for this. This works best if you can work from the inside of course.

I should add I have no idea what the off-shore assemblers use for an adhesive.

Because I am colour blind, matching paints is impossible for me, especially the various tones of Oxide, so I have very few RTR as I am always replacing something. I did buy L&N and Clinchfield IM covered hoppers but I figure I can match the black and grey involved.

Good luck!

Bill Welch

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I guess I didn't make myself clear. I'm interested in exactly how guys replaced parts beings everything isd glued together.
Clark Propst

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