Two T&P 50-foot SS cars using the MDC model

Bill Welch

I finally found my notebook with T&P photos. For those interested in creating T&P models from the 50-ft. SS single door MDC kit, there are two photos available from "Bob's" to guide you. The first is T&P 71545 with the 8-foot Superior door w/7 ribs. Last reweighed in Feb. 1953, it was photographed in San Francisco in Nov. 1953. Curiously, I have this exact photo from the late Wil Whitaker's collection. This is the version I modeled.

The second photo is T&P 70179. It is double door car with two 6-foot Superior doors consisting of five panels. Last reweighed in Dec. 1954, it was photographed in San Diego on Oct. 1, 1955. The Neg. # is FT&P11. The same single door MDC kit would be used here with the scratch-built doors covering the fifth wood-sheathed panel left of the doors. There is also a heavy reinforcement under the doors running from the 2nd to the 6th vertical brace. The photo has a couple of unpainted boards nailed next to the 1st and 7th vertical braces, adding to the visual interest of the car.

I hope these photos will inspire some models!

Bill Welch

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