Applying Archer rivets accurately on a model...

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I am modelling a CN 40' steel-frame boxcar that had its Hutchins roof replaced by a diagonal-panel roof in 1951. (Photo on page 98, Nov. 2003 RMC). This roof was rivetted onto the "top sill" of the car with rivets through the roof about 3" from the edge of the roof over the both sides and end. A little playing with a Branchline roof and a piece of .040" thick styrene, along with a 1/8" thick piece of acrylic sheet to give some rigidity to the roof, and I have the basic roof so far.

A tailor-made application for Archer rivets, one would think! For sure, but I welcome suggestions for placing the rivet strips at a consistent distance from the roof edge. I'm thinking of a styrene rivet strip placement jig that hooks onto the roof edge and bottom to ensure constant and replicable spacing. The decals would be gently pushed into position by the jig. This is important, as any misalignment on the rooftop will show immediately on the finished model.

But has anyone a better or less complicated suggestion than mine?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Lucas.

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