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Actually I'm the Steve Kay from Cleveland, Ohio, and I model UP. Most of the western roads that had these cars painted them gray, and the Kato model have a lot of flexible plastic parts, so painting them could be a problem. I am looking at alternatives, but leaving all the cars in their factory paint jobs is another alternative....


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I have no opinion of the Kato couplers. I'd take advantage of experience and use the couplers you're most familiar with -- Accumates.

If you're the Steve Kay from NJ, L&NE would be a natural choice for a third road name. I believe that Champ still offers decals in L&NE's billboard scheme. They're intended for a different prototype than this car, but they have enough material to select from to letter this car.

N&B would be another selection. Herald King had decals. Don't know whether they remain available.

There are probably minor differences in detail between the Kato version and the prototypes I suggested. One I'd want to check is whether or not the prototype has the triangular cut out in the sides at the center of the car. I don't remember whether the Kato car has this feature or not.

I can suggest L&NE and N&B number series to you, but this will have to wait until mid-April because I'm away from my files right now. Let me know if you'd like this.

Jerry Dziedzic
Pattenburg, NJ

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Last weekend I picked up two sets of Kato covered hopper kits at a local trainshow for very little $$$. One is Wabash and one is Erie. I searched the group but was unable to get answers to two questions. First, are the Kato couplers worth using, or should I used the Accumates that I generally use? Also, since I really don't need three of each of these(which is why I never bought these before--at the regular price), I am looking for other prototypes/decals to paint these. I found some nice sets from Prime Mover Decals for EL, but would like a few other alternatives. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Kay

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