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Thank you very much for the info. It was very helpful indeed. After seeing your article, I had a suspicion the Overland model was probably going to be of a later era. I would say 1960's, as it doesn't have 1970's lettering such as "consolidated data panels", etc. I think I'll have to obtain one of the Rail Shop models instead.

Robert Bogie

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On Mar 27, 2010, at 5:18 PM, Robert Bogie wrote:

> In the January 2007 issue of Railmodel Journal, there is an article
> by Richard Hendrickson on Carbon Black Covered Hopper cars, which
> has two photos of JM Huber Corp cars in a fairly plain paint
> scheme. I have also seen a brass model which was done in a
> "billboard" type paint scheme with very large lettering. I was
> wondering, what time periods each of these two schemes represents.

Robert, the photos I have of Huber cars - one builder's photo and two
in-service shots - all show the "plain Jane" lettering with only
reporting marks, numbers, data, and 9" J. M. HUBER CORPORATION
centered high on the car sides. The in-service shots date from the
early to mid-1950s, so that was the Huber scheme at least until that
period. The Billboard scheme on the model probably represents a
later prototype lettering scheme. I hope that's helpful.

Richard Hendrickson

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