Westerfield AC&F Builder's Photos and Lot List Question

John Kellett

Hello Everyone.

I am slowly getting back into RR modeling after being neck deep into coaching/board member of a local soccer club for about 20 years. The last year I have collected a nice beginning library of Soo Line Historical Magazines and some Soo Line books. And now I see myself expanding my interests because of how the Soo interacted with The Detroit & Mackinac via Chief Wawatam (and yes, I do own a copy of "The Story of A Hand Bomber").

I have also downloaded from Google books a few ORER's & Dictionaries, which are very interesting and informative.

Ok, my question. I am finding I want to learn more, and I am very interested in purchasing Westerfield AC&F Builder's Photos and Lot List for $100.00 (covers 1899 - 1928). Does anyone own one? and how do they like it?

I have bought a few items from ePay site and when I received the CD... lets just say the documents were horribly scanned in, and unledgable.

Thank you for your help.

John K.
Saginaw, MI

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