Re: Freight Conductors' Train Book available online



Thanks for posting this. Making this sort of information available is
wonderful, and very useful! The Amarillo Railroad Museum has done a similar
thing with timebooks from Mr. Bill Stephens who worked for the Santa Fe from
the 1950s through the 1980s. Bill loaned us his timebooks. I scanned
them and also put all the information into Excel speadsheets and pdf files on
our website. _www.amaraillorailmusuem.com_
( . Interesting trips from Amarillo to Clovis and/or Canadian, and on
the branches. Also a nice glimpse of the end of steam in Amarillo and
diesels from first to third generation.

I wish more of this sort of information was available. Of course
conductors' wheel reports, such as yours, are of more interest to this list, but
they are so scarce, I think timebooks help also.

I', waiting for someone to complete my "railroad data" life and offer an MP
timebook or wheel report from the Southern Illinois coal fields in the

Jerry Michels

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