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Rob M.

Even though the opening credits don't say so, the N&W movie appears to have many similarities with Roger Wade Productions railroad promo films of the 40's and 50's.

The theme of following a car of freight is the same as the 1948 CNJ promotional film, "The BIG little Railroad". The CNJ video doesn't include any shop footage, but has a goodly amount if in-cab videos (along with the same theme of maintenance and some "office" footage.

The stock music in the N&W film from the 50's contains some of the same stock music as in the CNJ film. I know I've heard the same stock music on another RR video, possibly off of Prelinger IIRC.

Like the N&W film, the CNJ film has many run-buys and is filled with good freight car shots in classic schemes, including quite a few Canadian cars on-line with the CNJ as well as a good number of non-east-coast roads.

Rob Mondichak

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The Rocky Way and Strait Gate model railroad club at Mansfield Ohio has this video. Came in a set purchased from Walmart. Every time its watched something new is seen.

Mark Morgan

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Very professionally made. It seemed to me that it was designed to

fit a high school audience -- I wonder if it was shown to kids in

the 1950's in VA/WV/etc - N&W territory. Anyone remember seeing it

way back when?

Tim O'Connor

Very nice video. I picked up on a couple of interesting things, like bricks loaded in to a stock car and there was a shot of 86 rounding a curve and a boxcar loaded with what I perceived to be flour leaking from under the bottom of the door. Great movie. I think I will send it to some marketing folks in Omaha... they need to understand the history of railroading 101. LOL
You should all take the time to watch this for the feight car content as Bill mentions.
Greg Martin
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Lot's of good freight car content.
Bill Darnaby

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