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Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

I too would be interested in finding copies of these articles, same terms
as Tom said (but slightly different purpose). Thanks!

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

Thomas Baker wrote:

John, or other knowledgeable parties:

Some time ago I noted an article about a SOO LINE sawtooth box car in
RMC. The article was helpful, but I understand that the SOO LINE
historical and technical group published a two-part series on SOO LINE
sawtooth box cars. I have tried to obtain copies of the issues
featuring these articles but have learned that they are out of print.

If anyone out there has the two issues featuring the articles, I would
be happy to pay for a photocopy. I would like to do this car in S
scale, and the articles would be helpful for such a project.


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Hello Everyone.

I am slowly getting back into RR modeling after being neck deep into
coaching/board member of a local soccer club for about 20 years. The
last year I have collected a nice beginning library of Soo Line
Historical Magazines and some Soo Line books. And now I see myself
expanding my interests because of how the Soo interacted with The
Detroit & Mackinac via Chief Wawatam (and yes, I do own a copy of "The
Story of A Hand Bomber").

I have also downloaded from Google books a few ORER's & Dictionaries,
which are very interesting and informative.

Ok, my question. I am finding I want to learn more, and I am very
interested in purchasing Westerfield AC&F Builder's Photos and Lot List
for $100.00 (covers 1899 - 1928). Does anyone own one? and how do they
like it?

I have bought a few items from ePay site and when I received the CD...
lets just say the documents were horribly scanned in, and unledgable.

Thank you for your help.

John K.
Saginaw, MI


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