Weathering Chalk

Paul Hillman

Just a quick question about chalks for weathering.

What is available for weathering-chalks that don't disappear after a flat-spray, final cover?

I use chalks, but, just trying to perfect the methods.

I've heard the latest theories;
A - Flat spray the car.
B - "Over-weather" using oil-based chalks. (Work in heavily)
C - Final flat-spray. (Expect to lose some color intensity)

My local hobby-shop "guru" told me about buying, oil-based, ladies eye-make-up at the local "Dollar Store" for 2 dollars instead of the (same) high-priced, "commercial stuff". The set he had was all earth-tones. (Good, economic idea???)

Not trying to diminish the modeling-suppliers. If their stuff is best, then I'll use it. (Pricy though)

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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