Re: Westerfield AC&F Builder's Photos and Lot List Question

Dennis Storzek

--- In, Thomas Baker <bakert@...> wrote:
...I understand that the SOO LINE
historical and technical group published a two-part series on SOO LINE
sawtooth box cars. I have tried to obtain copies of the issues
featuring these articles but have learned that they are out of print.

If anyone out there has the two issues featuring the articles, I would
be happy to pay for a photocopy. I would like to do this car in S
scale, and the articles would be helpful for such a project.

Which articles are these? I should have them someplace, but... From what I recall, they are less than useful for modeling. There have been several articles about the Soo car fleet published over the years by the late Guy N. Keichefer (sp?). These are mostly a statistical analysis of the car fleet, using the totals of car types from various years ORERs. In one of the articles, Guy attempted to sort out the different details of the various groups of "sawtooth" boxcars and assign them a "type" code. This has fallen into disuse (if it was ever used at all) because more recently full builder and lot number information has come available that does a better job of explaining what is what than Guy's system. Guy's work was useful at the time it was published, but has subsequently been superseded by better information. None of the articles had darwings beyond the typical sketches found on equipment diagrams.

There are now drawings of almost all the different groups of cars. Some have been prepared from my field work and are awaiting publication, while others are the original Haskel & Barker drawings available from the Pullman Library of the Illinois Railway Museum. Why don't you take a look at the info I posted in the files area of the STMFPH list at:

Let me know (either on list or off) which group of cars you are interested in, and I will direct you to where drawings can be obtained.


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