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Paul Hillman


The idea of using white glue as a binder with dry chalk is a good approach to try. It seems that the "hazing" effect of the colored liquid would flow randomly quite well. The idea of having some kind of binder for the chalk-powder is what's needed for final over-spraying.

Bragdon Co. weathering dust has some kind of "dry-binder" added to it, they say.

I think also, the ladies makeup thing is worth a try.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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I use a "wet chalk slurry" now. Almost always. I take some
chalk and scrape it to a powder into a small plastic container
(I prefer to use a model RR wheelset package cover). Then I
add water and a few drops of white glue (I use Krystal Klear
for this) and the smallest amount of kitchen detergent I can
put on the end of a toothpick (as a wetting agent). I mix
different colors of chalk (mostly "earth tones") until I get
the 'shade' I want (today). The white glue acts as a binder -
I use/prefer KK simply because it mixes in with the water so
much easier.

Jim Betz

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