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Gary Roe

Larry & Jim,

Thanks for your humorous and informative replies! Seems I gave up my search
for the truth too soon. Sorry.

gary roe
quincy, illinois


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I started looking at these records this AM and already have a question.
The very first train has 2 car loads of "styron". A check of the internet
tells me he is "a writer born in 1925"; but for some reason, I doubt that's
what's in these cars. A check of the rest of the records in the Excel file
brought up no more loads of this type. Could someone tell me what "styron"

gary roe
quincy, illinois
When I first read this, I thought perhaps I had gotten the spelling wrong in
the Excel spreadsheet, available at the Laramie Railroad Depot's website,

So I checked the scanned image of the page (Traud 1b) and began transcribing
carefully: That first letter certainly appears to be an "S", and the second
one is undoubtedly a "t", and then "y", "r", "o", "n" - hmmm, that seems to
spell... "Styron".

I Googled "Styron" and sure enough, the author of "Sophie's Choice", born in
1925, popped up as the first entry. To ascertain whether he was the content
of the car, I next checked the car's gross tonnage (49) and deducted the
tare (23). This gave 26 tons, or 52,000 lbs. Seems awfully heavy for someone
who would have been 26 years old in 1951.

I next examined Google's second entry: "Dow to Sell Styron Unit for $1.63
Billion". This seemed more promising. A little further checking showed that
Dow introduced its Styron line of polystyrene resins in 1937. My best guess
is therefore that NW boxcar 50064, westbound and headed to "La", was
carrying a load of plastics from Dow's Styron unit on October 26, 1951.
Polystyrene, a widely used plastic, is used in the manufacture of plastic
models, among other things.

If "Styron" poses a problem, I wonder how people will cope when they
encounter "Wuce" (train 18, first car listed)?

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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