Re: 60-foot flat cars

Steve and Barb Hile

Rock Island 93000 - 93048 were built by the RI in 1956 and were fishbelly
sides. They had 17 stake pockets with one in the center. There were McLean
Fogg strap anchors between the stake pockets.

Actually, there was a 50th car, 93049, which had hinged bulkheads that were
nailable steel so the car could be converted between a straight flat and a
bulkhead car. By 1962 that feature had been removed.


Steve Hile


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I'm looking to model a 60-foot flat car with fishbelly sides. Can anyone
tell whether any of the following 60-footers from the Jan 59 ORER have such
sides, and if there might be photos of any of them on line somewhere:

IC 62600-62609
WAB 400-447
ATSF 90900-91191
CB&Q 94000-94099 (I doubt these were fishbelly)
CMStP&P 49000-49049
CRI&P 93000-93048
SLSW 85500-85549
SP 79825-79954
SP 580000-580121

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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