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Bill, finally found some time and I have been collecting paper, quite a bit of it on the topic that you and I had talked about. Some/much, covers the USRA period and should shine some light on your questions. Some of it covers schedules west coast to east coast and moving from 6th morning delivery to 5th morning.

I cannot comment on Tony's assertion regarding the PRR, either
one way or the other, as there is nothing to confirm or deny that statement. I did find comments on handing express fruit shipments
to the Erie.

Of info regarding the USRA, there were constant admonishments and petitions from the NP and others to the USRA to modify car edicts. And some pretty interesting reading.

Here is a statement regarding the shipping of cherries from the Yakima, WA area and the speeding up of fruit shipments circa 1946. This in applies to Mr. Paine of the REA who was pushing for forth morning delivery to Chicago markets with fifth morning New York delivery:

It is apparent that Mr. Paine has either overlooked or ignored the previous agreement reached with the Great Northern, Milwaukee, Union Pacific, and ourselves (NP) in connection with the handling of carload cherry shipments.

Bill, I will try to gather up the paperwork and get this out to you before the summer equinox. (Only partially kidding). Jim Dick – St. Paul

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The comments my message generated have been interesting and at times amusing, but except for a couple of points, I don't think I saw an answer to the question "Was this lack of regular schedules the cause (or a factor at least) of the RR's inability to get the job done moving freight in WWI resulting in the creation of the USRA? But it sounds like the answer may be "No."
Bill Welch

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