Re: Express Refrigerator Cars on the YVT, 1935 to 1963

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Richard Wilkens wrote:
Recently I have been working on more of the Yakima Valley Transportation Co. records and I have been going through the file on express shipments. From 1935 to 1963 the YVT shipped at least 157 express car loads of predominately cherries but in 1958 some prunes were also sent. The cars were mostly REX cars but cars also came from ACL, ATSF, GARX, GN, NP. NRC, PFE, PRR, SL-SF and WP.
Most of these owners had their express cars in the Railway Express pool, and at least some others (NP for one) placed their cars in the RE pool seasonally. I listed the pool roads in the PFE book, page 101.

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