HO MILWAUKEE Rib Side Boxcar Special price

Andy Carlson

STMFC'ers, I have received from Frank at Intermountain Railway Co. several as delivered scheme 40' Rib Side Boxcars. These are the short rib, as built in 9-45 and are Mint, condition 10 new cars. MSRP is $30.00, your price is $18.00 each, the normal wholesale price.

I have 6 numbers for the as delivered, with weigh marks of 9-45. IntMt #48503-(1-6)
I have 6 numbers for the as delivered, with reweigh date of 1958. IntMt # 48503-(7-12)

These cars are "Route of the Hiawathas"
I can include a pair of Branchline Barber S2 trucks, which are the closest available trucks in HO, at no charge if requested at time of order.

Shipping prices will be added, and will be calculated at actual cost. If interested, contact me off-list (PLEASE) at <midcentury@...>

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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