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The PRR ran right north of the PMs Rougemere Yard, which had a re-icing platform .  The Rougemere yard would switch C&O produce coming up from Columbus, Ohio, into the Detroit Union Produce Terminal in the early mornings.

Al Kresse

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   Are there any notes on preferred routes for perishables to Detroit Union Produce Terminal?
(GTW went to Detroit, but it would of been a transfer run down to DUPT).

Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

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I will add that written instructions have survived advising Santa Fe
agents to ship perishables east of Chicago via the Erie and GTW if
possible and to use the PRR only as a last resort.  I don't know if I
have copies of them, but I've seen them, and I'm thoroughly persuaded
that SFRD thinking and policy in this matter was the same as that of
PFE.  Why there are still those who doubt this, or what their
motivation might be, I can't imagine.  In any event, the PRR's
atrocious loss rate on perishables is well documented in the ICC
archives, so it's small wonder that the western RRs didn't want the
PRR handling perishable shipments if there was an alternative.  The
reluctance to understand and accept this well established history is
difficult to understand.

Richard Hendrickson


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