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Bruce Smith

Thomas Baker <bakert@...> 04/04/10 10:27 AM >>>
People have pointed out the the Pennsy was the least preferred forwarder
as far as PFE/SFRD were concerned with the NYC, and B&O not far from the
bottom of the list. Does someone out there know who got most of the
meat and perishablies--if there were any--from the CGW. The list
mentions the ERIE as the road that reliably delivered.


I'm not sure about the CGW specifically, but your email hints at a
problem that occurs every time this discussion comes up. Do NOT mistake
the comments about shipper preference and handling issues with
perishables for data on the AMOUNT of perishables traffic. This
couldn't be farther from the truth! Based on the 1950 ICC freight
commodity reports on loads handled, the PRR was the #3 handler of
perishables IN THE COUNTRY, behind SP and UP.

The numbers go like this:
UP 248072 loads
SP 190755
PRR 145712
ATSF 107402 - I know that hurts Richard ;^) but I also know he takes
pride that although ATSF only handled a little over 2/3 of the
perishables that PRR did, they did it better <G>

Next, in quick succession come IC, NYC and CB&Q (77340, 74240, 71759

In the next grouping are ACL, Seaboard, finally the vaunted Erie and NKP
(50805, 48795, 45105, 43154 respectively)

So, while the PFE and SFRD management and employees may well have
preferred Erie to PRR and NYC, by far the biggest hauler of perishables
was the PRR. Dems da facts...

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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