Re: dssa boxcar

Tim O'Connor

Gene and Mark

No, the Mather kit includes a vertically mounted brake wheel
of a completely different size and style.

The only HO scale Klasing brake wheel of the type used on these
DSS&A box cars was produced by AWE (Anthony Wentzel Enterprises)
for his imported brass "PS-0" early Pullman Standard welded box

Probably the closest brake wheel in general appearance would be
a Universal brake wheel (with a central "hub" and slanted spokes
radiating to an outer rim). Kadee makes this style.

Tim O'Connor

At 4/4/2010 12:48 PM Sunday, you wrote:
Red Caboose makes a plastic Klasing hand brake for the Mather reefer. This may be the one you need. I understand, unfortunately, that Red Caboose will no longer supply parts.
Gene Green

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I plan to take an Athearn boxcar and convert it to DSS&A 17000-17099. They used a Klasing brake, any suggestions? Moloco sells two but they look newer.
What trucks would best suit this.

Once again thank to all who are kind to answer questions that I have posted.

Sincerely, Mark Morgan

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