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Thomas Baker


Thank you. I didn't think the CGW would turn over its meat to the PRR and the NYC. The NKP was a wise choice back in the day. I recall reading about the NKP Berkshires zipping past NYC freights pulled by diesels at points where the NKP and the NYC ran parallel. So that fits.


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Tom, this is an easy one for me to answer. Back in the 1970's I had a
friend that worked for the CGW in Chicago during the 1950's, and need-
less to say, as a railroader he had many stories to tell. Well to answer you
for sure, it was the NKP. The CGW would set out a Bellwood, and the IHB
was waiting to take the cars on a fast trip to Blue Island for icing, and the
on to Osbourne and the NKP for pick-up by a fast freight for Bellevue, Ohio.
I might add here that the meat traffic was far more time sensitive than fruits
or vegetables, requiring very fast handling to prevent shrinkage, and the
associate damage claims. He told me of overtime trips to the NKP with single
cars that had gone Bad Order after quick repairs to make sure that they made
the connection that day and were out of town on time.

Happiness, Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Ill.

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In reference to the preferred forwarders for PFE and SFRD, a question
came up on the CGW list: Thursday was "meat night" on the CGW. Meat
refrigerator cars came from South St. Paul and Austin, Minnesota, in the
north; from packers in Omaha and Council Bluffs on the west end; and
from packers in Kansas City, St. Joseph, Missouri; and from Des Moines
and even Marshalltown, Iowa. And in addition, the M&StL sometimes
delivered cars from Decker in Mason City to the CGW in Marshalltown.
Most of the meat moved to Oelwein, Iowa, where cars from the north,
west, and south were combined and moved on to interchange mostly with
the IHB in Bellwood.

People have pointed out the the Pennsy was the least preferred forwarder
as far as PFE/SFRD were concerned with the NYC, and B&O not far from the
bottom of the list. Does someone out there know who got most of the
meat and perishablies--if there were any--from the CGW. The list
mentions the ERIE as the road that reliably delivered. From photos I
have seen I infer that the NKP was a reliable forwarder. Meat of course
had to move and move as expeditiously as possible. Who got the stuff
from the CGW?



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