Re: Wine cars

A Chateau Martin car was photographed at Scribner, WA (near Marshall, near Spokane), the first car in an eastbound Spokane, Portland & Seattle Ry. freight train. The photo appears in "The Northwest's Own Railway, vol.1", by Walter Grande.

The photo is undated. The lead diesel pulling the train was built in 1949. The other cars appear to be within our time frame.

Richard, my main interest is Southern Pacific over Donner Pass in 1949. Can I justify one of these awful colored cars in a freight train of that year? I kinda hope not.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

--- In STMFC@..., Richard Hendrickson <rhendrickson@...> wrote:

Chateau Martin cars ran in dedicated service from San Martin,
California to New York City.
They may have gone to other destinations as well,
but I know of no evidence for that.

Richard Hendrickson

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